Since 2011 ATIKA London has become an east London fashion institution.

A huge shopping hub holding over 20,000 pieces of used & vintage clothing, we would confidently claim to be one of London’s most famous clothing stores. Considered a cult counterpoint to the more established fashion outlets of central and west London, the reputation of the store has grown from our local routes. As Brick Lane & Shoreditch have gained international fame ATIKA has become the main destination.

ATIKA is hosted in an historic Victorian warehouse which has in the past been Europe's biggest cobbler’s and also fine furniture manufacturer (Epstein Furniture) to Hollywood stars of the 1950’s & 60’s. ATIKA itself has a morpheus nature, mixed with our clothing we have at times sold mid century furniture, records, coffee, art and object d’art. Today you will find accessories, vintage games & comics (@operationcollect), books, cactus (@thecactusbarry), art and hand painted fashion design. Tomorrow will be different again. We like change.

Despite being a lifestyle store we never lose sight of our core passion for used & vintage clothing. Many words could be written about our stock but our abilities are obvious to all visitors. The store team at ATIKA are not what is usually expected of vintage stores. None of us come from a vintage background and we have brought in the standards of London’s most famous stores. We changed the game when selling used clothing in London and you will find rail after rail of easy to shop, clean and wearable clothing along with friendly staff who will genuinely want you to have the best experience.

We consider ourselves lucky to have the most diverse, interesting, bright and optimistic clientele around, reflected in our team who come from a wide range of backgrounds.  

ATIKA stocks high end labels including Burberry, Barbour, Armani and Escada to name just a few. Sports brands Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Champion and Fila can always be found in store. An extensive range of denim, all separately displayed for a successful shopping experience featuring brands such as Levis, Lee, Wrangler and Tommy Hilfiger. Beautiful hand picked mid century Japanese kimonos, vintage French and American workwear including Dickies and Carhartt, whilst also presenting so much more.

REMIX by ATIKA (since 2011) offers another way to wear vintage. Our studio team interpret seasonal fashion trends using combinations of vintage clothing, remnant and reclaimed fabrics. It is easy today to find reworked vintage but REMIX acheives the key trends with a style which it clearly owns. Our team are based in the building and as so are close to the customers, able to re-express what they see being worn. Colour and shape are key. Replacing a pocket with a new colour, introducing pattern to a plain garment, adding a contrast kangaroo pouch; this is REMIX by ATIKA

ATIKA Studio was created in 2018 and introduces REMIX’ aesthetics to it’s customer’s older siblings. Limited, lower volume, in house production. Studio is more considered and fashion forward; it is upscale.

To further complement the collection we work with partner brands such as @babygirl.by.bf, @bsideldn, @studio200london to offer broader outfit options.